Elliot Vagner

I’m Elliot Vagner, an Adelaide-based creative. This is my interview show; Adelaide Creatives.


Adelaide Creatives

Interviewing Adelaide Creatives

Adelaide Creatives is a series that I started on YouTube where I interview creatives from Adelaide-based advertising agencies. I explore their roles, creativity and how Advertising is different in South Australia.

Advertising Agency Creative Director Nick Brz

In the first episode of Adelaide Creatives I interview Nick Brz, the Creative Director for Nation Creative. We talked about being a young creative, working in an advertising agency, being creative, making adverts and Adelaide’s advertising and creative scene.

Business Development Manager Paul “PK” Kitching

In the second episode of Adelaide Creatives I interview Paul “PK” Kitching, the Business Development Manager for Fuller Brand Communication. We talked about his online networking event “Coffee with PK” and how it has changed traditional networking in Adelaide during COVID and his job as the Business Development Manager for an brand & communications creative agency.

Ad Agency Co-Founder Matt Minear

In the third episode of Adelaide Creatives I interview Matt Minear, the Co-Founder and Director of BAD (Branding Advertising Design), which is an advertising agency based in Adelaide South Australia. We talk about how to start an advertising agency, run an advertising agency and advice for young creatives looking to get a job at an advertising or creative agency.

Advertising Agency Manager Leesa McMahon

In this episode of Adelaide Creatives I interview Leesa McMahon from Them Advertising. Leesa is the General Manager and we talked about the culture and worklife of advertising agencies, what a GM does at a creative agency and how young creatives can get to work in an advertising agency.