elliot vagner’s award school

I’m Elliot Vagner. I’m a creative and project-addict. In 2020 I did Award School and here is the portfolio I submitted.

Week 1: Poster

Client: Hungry Jacks

Product: Rebel Whopper

Target Audience: Young people looking for more meat-alternative options

Single minded proposition: Guilt-free burger

Week 2: Print

Client: Maybelline

Product: Super Stay Matte Ink Lipstick

Target Audience: People who wear lipstick

Single minded proposition: Longest lasting lipstick

Week 3: Film

Client: Calm App

Product: Calm App

Target Audience: People struggling to get a good night’s sleep

Single minded proposition: Drift off with ease

Week 4: Radio

On the Wall!

Client: Tesla

Product: Model X

Target Audience: Wealthy families

Single minded proposition: Safer in every way

Week 5: Non-Trad

Client: Heart Foundation

Product: Give with Heart Day: Donations

Target Audience: Australians between the ages of 30 -50 with a skew towards
females. They already donate to charities

Single minded proposition: Young hearts break too

Week 6: Digital

Client: CommBank

Product: CommSec Pocket

Target Audience: Australian Females between the ages of 25 to 34

Single minded proposition: Investing is Empowering

Week 7: Social Media

Client: BWS

Product: BWS Delivery

Target Audience: 18-30 yr old uni students and young professionals

Single minded proposition: Your Bottle-O In Your Pocket

Week 8: Direct

Client: Wicked Campers

Product: Wicked Campers

Target Audience: Young Australian travellers/backpackers (18-25)

Single minded proposition: A Road Trip Revives

Week 9: Integrated

Client: Bose

Product: Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Target Audience: Professionals working in open-plan environments

Single minded proposition: Tune out the world so you can tune into your thoughts

Week 10: Strategy

Client: Tupperware

Product: Tupperware Box

Target Audience: Officeworkers who are situated in the city and buy takeaway meals in the city at lunch

Single minded proposition: Think outside the lunchbox – ending lunch’s single use plastics